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 Consultative Services:

  • Vertical Market Development for Business Consumables
  • Project Timeline Management
  • Email Campaign Management and Content
  • Procurement Process Management (PPM) Sales Marketing

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Development of new vertical markets can be expensive and risky. Outsourcing resources to understand the market you are entering is a smart move. ISC can help you evaluate the industry, best practices, best sales/marketing models, and prepare/train your sales team for optimum success. To obtain the best return on your investment and to understand the shortest path to success, call ISC first.


  • Time, time, time, not enough of it!  ISC offers subcontract professional help to complete and launch market develop projects on hold at a nominal cost to your company.
  • Attain expertise at a fraction of the cost through out-sourced experience.  With ISC you get an experienced team for the specific project required to complete.
  • Experience timely and effective service.  With ISC you get things done on your schedule, when you want them done.
  • Avoid investment innew employees.  Working with ISC means you can avoid expensive hiring of new employees that involves investment of company resources and benefits without knowing if the employee can get the job done.
  • Understand what your Return on Investment will be.  ISC allows you to easily calculate what your return on investment will be before you embark on committing company resources to develop a new market.
  • Prioritize your limited resources with minimal diversion from core business.  ISC offers outsourced professionals the ability to pinpoint and direct precious & limited company resources efficiently and effectively, without disrupting core business.
  • Understand, quickly, integrated supply chain processes in another industry.  With ISC you will understand standard industry procurement processes so your company can better market targeted solutions.
  •  Implement pricing models.  ISC will quickly deploy profitable and competitive pricing models that will win you the business.
  • Develop compensation strategies and understand how they may affect sales growth of the new category.  Working with ISC you will understand competitive compensation models to attract top sales people and remove business development barriers to quickly grow the business.
  • Measure effectiveness by creating a budget and analyzing sales growth.  ISC will assist you in creating realistic sales goals to benchmark sales growth and know when to make necessary marketing adjustments to meet your goals for continued growth.
  • Obtain training for most effective selling approach.   ISC's comprehensive training programs are necessary to educate your sales team on new markets and bring your team up to speed quickly for success.
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