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Principals of Procurement Process Management (PPM)
There are inherently eight processes that all companies, regardless of size, go through to obtain the products and services they need to run their companies. A supply chain for white collar businesses is different yet similar to industrial company’s requirements for raw materials to manufacture their products. White collar offices require a constant flow of product and services to run their companies. Many times these products are deemed non-critical (e.g. office supplies) but in fact are critical to completing work projects and accomplishing a company’s core mission.

Procurement costs for these products and services frequently become embedded within a company’s P&L. This happens when a company devotes its own employees, warehouse space or other company resources to obtain these products and services. These added costs affect profitability. Selecting an outsourced strategic procurement partner that can obtain these products and services more efficiently can allow a company to reinvest these re-captured costs and add to overall bottom-line profitability.

Translate soft costs to hard cost using the Procurement Costs Analyzer

  • Your customers have a procurement process regardless of the size or type of their business;
  • This process costs them more than the invoice price of the products or services they purchase;
  • Significantly, the way for you to save your customers is to reduce the impact of this expense-producing process on their organization; and,
  • Strategically, allow them to reapply their resources freed up from their procurement process to the core, revenue-producing aspect or their business. 

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PPM Addresses “The Unrecognized Need Inside Every Business Organization”