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7 Strategies for Reinventing Your Distributorship 
Printrepeneurs are executing seven primary strategies to stay ahead of the curve.  The diverse business models that result from these strategies affect who distributors target as prospects and how they market themselves to clients, but the common denominator is printing expertise.

Featured Article in Print Solutions December 2007: Big Box Bullies
These smart, assertive sellers offer customized printing, business consumables and web-to-print solutions. And they are your competition.

Matrix Against the Big Box Stores 
In the United States and throughout Europe today's highly competitive environment has forced dramatic changes in pricing approaches to customers both large and small.  There is no question that good strategic pricing is a crucial element for business products dealers when it comes to sustaining existing accounts, bringing in customers and maintaining acceptable profits.

From Supplier to Service Provider 
The evolution of integrated supply continues, as integrators move further from their distributor roots and closer to a service-oriented business model.

Aberdeen eProcurement Study
Enterprises today are using e-procurement to manage more requisitions, spend categories, and suppliers than ever before. On average enterprises participating in this benchmark reduced off-contract ("maverick") spending by 64%, reduced requisition-to-order cycles by 66% and increased total spend under management of procurement group by 20%.


A Profitable Enterprise 
Pens, pencils, paper clips and note pads aren't the first products most print distributors think about when looking to diversify.  In fact, distributors can enjoy margins in the upper 20s to low 30s.

Trash Talk
A candid letter from your prospective customer.  Let me say this loud and clerr right now - you have no idea what my day is like.  You may think you do, but you're missing the boat.

Bring On The Recession
Many senior managers, especially in North America, have little or no experience steering their firms through a recession. So when the next recession arrives, they're likely to react instinctively and hunker down with fixed cuts across the board. If you're lucky, that's what your competitors will do.