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Consultative Services:

  • Vertical Market Development for Business Consumables
  • Project Timeline Management
  • Email Campaign Management and Content
  • Procurement Process Management (PPM) Sales Marketing

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What We Do
ISC provides resources to independent resellers to help achieve their sales goals in the most cost effective and expeditious manner possible. ISC enables companies to successfully capture new sales in business consumables with their existing customers.

Placing a focus on the Procurement Process for your customer’s office supply chain is the key to your success! Unrecognized needs and thousands of dollars of internal process inefficiencies abound within businesses. This is the unique marketing opportunity for the progressive reseller. Integrated purchase orders help streamline procurement for thousands of products and services required by end users in their businesses. You can replace obsolete product lines with profitable office product categories and watch your sales revenue grow within your existing customer base. JumpCart an innovative supply chain solution that can be integrated with your current ecommerce solution. 

Procurement Process Management (PPM)

PPM is a business principle that elevates resellers to the top of the value chain. They become exclusive vendors for their clients by transforming their marketing efforts into a Procurement Process Management solution. It is the principle on which Integrated Supply Consultants operates.

PPM is a selling strategy for your entire business. Whether you are a MRO integrated supplier, a diversified medical supplier, or a commercial form and print services provider, selling your products and services through a procurement-based cost savings model is a successful approach. Your sales team becomes procurement consultants to your clients—providing more value to customers and more profitable sales for your company.

This integrated selling strategy allows your company to diversify, as needed, adding new products and services your customers want through a simplified, efficient procurement model. It’s not about what you sell, but how you sell it.

Integrated Supply Consultants can get your company into profitable new vertical markets, including office products, and secure your success as well. 

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